Abundance Mindset Revealed: A revolutionary program that helps you overcome feelings of ‘not enough’ so you can create a world and business of ‘plenty.’

It’s called… Power Up Your Wealth
with Leisa Peterson, MBA,CFP®

After working in the financial services business for the past 24 years, I’ve found that EVERYONE has mixed emotions about money as it brings up lots of uncomfortable feelings.

Can you relate?

Perhaps you’re feeling…

  • Burned out from working hard for many years without much to show for it.
  • Frustration because money is more in control of your life than you are.
  • Tired of stressful days and sleepless nights worrying about what to do with your finances.
  • Helpless when it comes to creating greater freedom and prosperity.

It helps to know that if you can relate to feeling this way, YOU are not alone.

I’m Leisa Peterson, and I understand. I’ve been there.

Leisa-San-DiegoI spent 22+ years working in the corporate world, pouring my life into earning a high salary, collecting great bonuses (and stock options!) and moving up the career ladder quickly.

This worked for a while and I reached success beyond my wildest expectations, even becoming a millionaire by the age of 37. I made it my goal to learn everything possible about personal finance and reaching financial freedom. However, after facing a major life crisis, the luster of my career started to wane and the success alone wasn’t enough to fill the void inside. I found myself wondering if it was possible to have both external wealth and internal fulfillment.

When I looked to find mentors who had created the type of inner and outer wealth I wanted, I could find none. In time I chose to make some big career changes to create more free time to focus on personal inner development. Eventually reaching the spiritual fulfillment I had been seeking.

I now realize it is 100% possible to attain both inner AND outer wealth and anyone can do it. I also realized how unusual it is to assemble the pieces of the puzzle together which inspired me to create a company to help others do the same.

A-businesswoman-with-a-netNow I’ve developed a system that utilizes our experiences with money to create positive life transformation. By applying the system to your life, you can access the same type of peak state of wealth and fulfillment as many influential and highly actualized leaders experience every day.

I’ve created the ‘Power Up Your Wealth’ virtual course so you have access to the exact steps necessary to move beyond your scarcity mindset so it no longer holds you hostage.

Imagine in few short months you will no longer see money as a limitation, instead you will be wielding it as a powerful tool to create greater levels of abundance.

This program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, executives and others who are ready to MOVE BEYOND YOUR MONEY BLOCKS so you can…

  • Restructure your thinking so you always enjoy life no matter what gets thrown at you.
  • Break free from painful past experiences of feeling limited.
  • Employ mindfulness strategies to quiet your mind and feel peace in an instant.
  • Respond to events by choice rather than past conditioning.
  • Take action in spite of fear, doubt and worry.
  • Honor your values in all you do.
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Does this money block clearing system really work?

Most definitely, it works in three primary ways:

    1. It works for building financial wealth as I went from having a net worth of about $60,000 in 1999 to a net worth well over $1,000,000 by 2006;
    2. It works when it comes to building inner wealth as I went from coping through depression for much of my life to becoming one of the happiest people I know; and
    3. It works because you learn all three core elements to wealth building, including:
      1. How to move beyond your scarcity mindset;
      2. The true skills needed for building wealth; and
      3. How to take the right actions so you create results.
Tripled my income in 6 months!” Before taking the WealthClinic workshop, I had tried taking other classes about money and financial struggles but they hadn’t helped me as much as I had hoped. All along I thought I was living with a mindset of abundance but after digging under the surface through the exercises in this course I can now see that I had some patterns that caused me to be living with a mindset of lack and scarcity.The meditations and the break out discussions allowed me to take a deep look at my beliefs and past experiences with money so I could shift out of living in survival mode. I now feel like many things have unlocked and shifted because I used to be extremely focused on cutting expenses and at the same time money was not coming in consistently. 6 months since taking the course I have seen my income increase by 300% and I feel like I am living in flow and abundance now.”
Barry B. Reno, NV
Stopped listening to my limiting beliefs!” One of the best things I found in working with Leisa Peterson is the attention given to beliefs around money. Those (hidden) beliefs effect my everyday life, and with this new awareness, I feel well-armed against unconscious, limiting beliefs. With Leisa’s guidance and mindfulness direction, I feel like my new, successful relationship with money has totally opened up. Beliefs of all kinds can create openings or blocks; money is no different. I’m so excited to see some of my most strongly-held money beliefs be knocked down, creating a new opening for abundance. Having taken the class I’m not aware that I’m even having these beliefs! Before they were so hidden, so deeply routed, I was oblivious to even having them.”
Gretchen B.
I feel ready to build lasting wealth! “THANK you Leisa for creating the Power Up Your Wealth program. I am so grateful for the teachings and experience I had. Before working with you I was paralyzed with fear around money. I was able to bring money into my life but managing it was scary.  I knew I needed help but part of me thought I was a lost cause. After going through your program I now have a new relationship with money on both the spiritual and practical levels. I can see that it is possible to evolve in a deep way and I see how powerful this work is in influencing all areas of my life, with my health, relationship, business, and peace of mind. I look forward to building wealth that will give me the freedom to serve in a big way. THANK YOU for gently helping me heal this and getting me to a place I never thought I could reach… What a gift!!! “
Macy M., Big Happy Love, Longmont, CO
You really understand wealth! “Thanks again for the Power Up Your Wealth class. It was outstanding and I often go to back to the replays, notes and meditations. I know you have heard it many times, but from my vantage point you “really” understand true wealth and are helping people all the time.”
Rod Benstead, CFP®, AFC®

Past participants have shared a multitude of life changing benefits that come from moving beyond your money blocks, including:

  • Gaining a greater sense of confidence and self-worth.
  • Seeing opportunities rather than limitations in their business.
  • Cleaning out the garbage of the past (both literally and figuratively.)
  • Healing relationships where money had caused a wedge.
  • Finding resourceful solutions to financial problems.
  • Generating solid income streams, while following a passion.
  • Finding greater peace of mind when it comes to making financial decisions.

I’d like you to imagine what your life would be like if you could…

  • Resolve inner conflicts between success and fulfillment so you can make lots of money doing what you love.
  • Feel rejuvenated and inspired to take better care of yourself.
  • Be able to use any situation with money as an opportunity to develop new meanings and to up-level your life.
  • Reclaim your hidden passions so you can create the life you REALLY want to be living.
  • Be true to yourself and those you love so your relationships are thriving.
  • Discover greater levels of joy and live in flow with all of life (Passion + Vision – Fear = FLOW)


Join Power Up Your Wealth NOW!

Introducing Power Up Your Wealth – a series of 12+ online audio sessions over a 2-4 month period that leaves you knowing what you need to do to achieve financial freedom and personal fulfillment. Plus you’ll have all the resources you need to bring your plan into reality.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Create powerful shifts in your mindset.
  • Tap into your natural talents and gifts so you can realize your full potential.
  • Learn how to get what you really want.
  • Discover the habits of the mindfully wealthy so you can apply them right away.
  • Employ wealth creation strategies that allow you to be in control of your money (and not it controlling you.)
  • Implement an accountable plan of action to ensure ultimate success.

How will you do all of this?

We’ll help you use mindfulness practices and other healing modalities to re-envision the how’s, what’s and why’s about wealth building so that no stone is left unturned. It’ll be straightforward and easy to understand. So you leave with a practice built for success that you can immediately put to use.

We’ll help you get deeply connected into your inner voice so you are empowered to keep making positive changes in your life well beyond the course.

The practices you learn will not just apply to wealth building goals but to every aspect of your life.

The powerful sessions you’ll experience in this 2-4 month series include:

Bonus Introductory 3 Keys to Powering Up Your Wealth and
Course Kick-Off Call

The Power to Change Your Mindset

These two sessions are designed to help you get the absolute most out of the Power Up Your Wealth Course.

During these sessions, you will:

    • Learn how to get the most out of this course (and your life.)
    • Learn what “Wealth” means to you and how to get more of it.
    • Jumpstart your meditation and mindfulness practice easily and effortlessly.

Session 1

The Power to Be Mindfully Wealthy

To live a wealthy life, you must become the master of yourself. This means knowing your strengths, passions, and deepest values, as well as, your fears and the blocks preventing you from receiving all you desire and need from your life.

During this session, you will:

    • Learn the 5 core aspects to mindful wealth mastery.
    • Crack the code for the how’s and why’s of your current money decisions.
    • Gain greater mental agility and peace of mind.
    • Set your intentions for what you really want.

Session 2

The Power to Realize Your Potential

Deep within each of us is an inner longing to live a life of greatness and contribution – to really matter, to make a difference. We may doubt ourselves and out ability to do so, but we can live this life in full, it is our birthright. During this session, you will develop the ability to listen to your inner voice of guidance. Nothing is as powerful in helping you create the life you are ready to live.

During this session, you will:

  • Discover the perfect balance of inner guidance and outer activities.
  • Awaken passion through greater levels of self-awareness and self-mastery.
  • Access expertise you didn’t even know you had.
  • Harness the power of your brain – bringing the unconscious into consciousness.
  • The neuroscience of the brain and how it affects mindfulness.
  • Tools for transcending your fears so they no longer keep you stuck.

Session 3

The Power to Get What You Really Want

Many people are held hostage by their past experiences with money, including their parent’s money behaviors, the expectations of others, and their own personal guilt and shame attached to money. This inner conflict drains your ability to objectively engage in earning, saving, spending, giving and investing your money wisely AND it keeps you from getting clear about what you most want. During this module, you will feel what it is like to let go of your money past and move into clarity.

During this session, you will:

  • Discover how unconscious beliefs are holding you hostage.
  • Understand your current financial situation at a deeper level.
  • Learn how the scarcity mindset traps you into an unending cycle of pain.
  • The single most important mindset transformation tool for winning the money game.

Session 4

The Power of Mindful Wealth

A great quote by Stephen Covey is, “To know and not do, is really not to know.” This is the best way to describe your habits when it comes to practical money management. You know things but you don’t execute them and then wonder why things aren’t getting any better. The problem isn’t so much knowing what to do, but in actually getting it done. During this session, you will deepen your understanding of the habits of the mindfully wealthy and determine  ways to put these habits into immediate use.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn why the mindfully wealthy focus their energy primarily on inner-mindset, belief structures, and personal behavior.
  • Discover the single most powerful tool to building wealth and how to put it to use immediately.
  • Establish your wealth goals and create a plan for achieving them.
  • Learn the money habit secrets of the ultra-wealthy and how to apply them right away.

Session 5

The Power to Create Wealth

“There are so many gifts still unopened from your birthday, there are so many hand-crafted presents that have been sent to you by God. The Beloved does not mind repeating, “Everything I have is also yours.” There are so many gifts my dear, still unopened from your birthday.”


The power to discover your voice is your birthright as is your ability to earn more than enough money to satisfy your desires. You’ve been given many magnificent gifts including talents, capacities, privileges, intelligences, opportunities, possibilities that can remain unopened except through your own decision and effort. Because of this, your potential is tremendous, even infinite. YOU are capable of whatever you put your mind, body and spirit towards. During this session, you will uncover the secrets to accessing your gifts and increasing your income.

During this session, you will:

  • Discover ways to make lots of money following your passion and your conscience.
  • The secrets to cash flow and constantly increasing it.
  • The hidden mindset traps that prevent you from reaching your potential.
  • Discover ways to accomplish anything you set your mind to.
  • Unlock the keys to creating greater value in the world (which equates to money.)

Session 6

The Power to Create Results

“The history of free man is never written by chance but by choice – their choice.”

Dwight D Eisenhower

The essence of being human is having the ability to direct your own life. Until you make a decision to do something, chances are very likely that it will never happen. This applies to your ability to live a flourishing and thriving life where you are surrounded with abundance in all that you do. This will not happen by chance, it takes making a choice to move forward and create it into reality.

During this session, you will:

  • Create new habits for living in abundance every day.
  • Solidify your practice of deciding, choosing and empowering yourself.
  • Develop mental tools for meeting challenges so they do not take you off your path to success.
  • Discover ways to be in control of money rather than it being in control of you.

Session 7

The Power to Change the World

Being free from the chains of your past, you breakthrough into a new way of being with money and into living a flourishing life. Today you begin living your new money story armed with the one question to always ask before setting goals and creating rituals to take you exactly where you want to go. During this session, you will solidify any outstanding aspects of your wealth plan and create accountability steps to ensure your ongoing development.

  • During this second to last session we discuss the importance of developing eustress – the deep sense of meaning and contribution to worthy projects and causes.
  • Learn how to develop resiliency when it comes to all things money – so your difficulties are seen as opportunities for growth and ultimate success.
  • Generate ideas to take all you’ve learned and apply it to your life immediately!

Session 8

The Power to Create What You Want

During this final session, Leisa helps you to pull together all that you’ve learned over the past two months and get really clear on your next steps.

  • Review what you have learned and decide how you will move forward so that you get the most from your course experience.
  • Review the 10 most powerful signposts for living a wealthy life.
  • Ensure you complete the course with a firm foundation based on personal commitment and accountability

During these 4 months, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your life within a new frame of reference.

You’ll gain the tools, training and support you need to create a life filled with love, creativity, inner-knowingness, prosperity, and contribution to the greater good.

“YES, Leisa I definitely want to join you for Power Up Your Wealth”DPP_1352


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Participate in the first month of the program and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, notify us in writing within 30 days from the date of your purchase. I will gladly refund your money – every penny! No hassles, no problems!

The course begins as soon as you enroll and immediately receive access to all course sessions and bonus materials — so you can begin your transformation right away!

“This sounds wonderful, Leisa. But I’ve seen lots of programs that teach you how to change your relationship with money. What makes yours different?”

Excellent question.

Money-HeartAlthough there are lots of ways to improve your relationship with money, there are very few programs that combine both inner mindset training with the critical steps you need to master the game of money management.

But knowing how to combine both aspects so you’re motivated to do exactly what you need to do…now that’s something almost no one else is teaching.

It’s because you need both the both the financial strategy and the shifts in mindset to create both inner fulfillment and external wealth which is what we term, mindful wealth.

timeforchangeIt was this exact transformative process that helped my husband and I build our wealth (becoming self-made millionaires by the age of 37), quit jobs that weren’t fulfilling to us and create the freedom to travel for extended periods just because we want to.

When you complete “Power Up Your Wealth” you’ll have the mindset needed to inspire and motivate — so you can increase your income, decrease your stress and discover what you want most. Once you get into your new groove, your ongoing success becomes a habit.

How does this course work?

This audio virtual course is accessible through your computer. There will be weekly audio sessions, meditations, and monthly LIVE interactive coaching calls with Leisa Peterson. Between sessions, you are encouraged to complete exercises, try out guided meditations – all that will help solidify the material, as well as, post thoughts on the special Private Facebook community site, only available to participants.

When you sign up for the course, you will receive access to your private customerhub site accessible through your computer.

***Special Note: This program isn’t for everyone…

For those of you wanting a get-rich-quick money program, this program isn’t for you as it is about taking action and getting real about your life, your relationships and your business. Which means you have to do the work to get the results.

So how do you know if this program is right for you?

  • You’re trading your life for money.
  • You’re doing work you love but can’t make ends meet.
  • You’re making money but have nothing to show for it.

And because of that you’re…

  • Ready to make changes so you can increase your income, decrease your stress and/or do more of what you love.
  • Willing to take action, as long as it is in alignment with your values.
  • Compelled to use your precious time wisely so you can make a difference in the world.

“Leisa, YES, I’m In!”

I understand that I will receive:

  • 12+ Powerful 60-90 minute action packed transformative calls with Leisa Peterson
  • Downloadable Mp3s of all 11 calls to listen to over and over.
  • Downloadable Mp3s of All Past Monthly Mentoring Calls starting in September 2015.
  • Downloadable transcripts from each session so you easily review and take notes while listening in.
  • Exclusive access to ‘Power Up Your Wealth’ Private Facebook Forum.
Bonus #1 – A 20+ Page Transformational Journal with Step-by-Step instructions for Creating Mindful Wealth.
Bonus #2 – 11 Mp3 Downloadable guided ‘Wealth Building’ meditations that you can listen to over and over.
Bonus #3 – Leisa’s 25+ page, 8 Steps to Money Mindfulness – a book ‘in process’ that includes 100’s of transformational tips about creating inner and outer fulfillment and living a life of abundance.
Bonus #4 – 3+ ‘Money Map’ Spreadsheets to help you easily and practically integrate your key learnings while increasing your money management skills.
Bonus #5 – A 5 step audio instructional guide to jumpstarting your meditation practice alone with 20+ guided wealth and abundance oriented meditations (a $39.95 value)


ALL for Only One Simple Payment of $997 


Pay in full and save: $997


P.S. – Imagine your life 6 months from now. Are you living fully and freely while bringing in all the income and soul satisfying experiences you want? Or are you still struggling with stressful days and sleepless nights, wondering how to create the life you are ready to be living? Get rid of your worries now.


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Participate in the first month of the program and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, notify us in writing within 30 days from the date of the first class. I will gladly refund your money – every penny! No hassles, no problems!

Terms & Conditions
In accordance with FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear – the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise you will experience similar benefits from using our product.